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Polishable Stainless Steel Metal PLA


Prints like plastic, polishes like metal!

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Prints like plastic, polishes like metal!

Diameter 1.75 mm
Weight 125 g
Density 2.5
Extruder temperature 210 – 230 °C
Heated bed temperature None
Maximum heat resistance 60 °C
Stick to PLA? Yes
Abrasive filament? Yes

Specific properties:

Provides dense material in heavy cast metal looking prints that can be brushed, sanded, or polished post-print. Perfect for jewelry, figurines…
SS-PLA is slightly more brittle than standard PLA.

We suggest a 0.6 mm nozzle, though SS-PLA works well with 0.4 mm nozzles. We recommended using a wear resistant nozzle or frequently changing yours because the filament is abrasive.

No heated bed required (if equipped, set to 60°C).

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